Castello Di Velona at Sunset

thomas-castello-di-velona-sunset-viewthomas-castello-di-velona-sunset-view-2Heated-Pool-Night-MoonCastello di Velona Pool CastleCastello Di Velona Montalcino Italy Sunset PoolJulia and I visited Castello Di Velona outside of Montalcino, Italy. Their heated pools felt almost as amazing as they looked. We can’t wait to go back.

I just got a new tripod that is small and light enough to take with me in my carryon. It’s also strong enough to support my heavy camera, which my first tripod was not strong enough. I’ve also been experimenting a lot with HDR images and I’ve been really happy how they’ve turned out. What I’ve noticed is that HDR is definitely needed when looking into the direction of your light source and/or when there is a large difference in exposure of your subject and the background. All of these images were created using HDR techniques except for the picture with the castle in the background (the 4th image) the lighting just happened to be perfect and I preferred this exposure over the HDR I created.

To create these I use ‘Merge to HDR Pro’ in Photoshop to take my bracketed photos (photos shot at the same settings but with varying shutter speeds) and create them into an HDR Photoshop file.

Let me know what you think.


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