Introducing The Photography Glossary To Help You Learn Photography Terms

By October 23, 2014Photography Tips

When I set out to start this blog one of my main goals was to provide a resource for people to help them learn photography. My most recent blogposts about all of my camera gear (Camera, Lenses, Accessories, What’s Not in My Camera Bag) helped answer a lot of the questions that readers were contacting me with. However, I received feedback that some of the terms I used were terms or concepts inexperienced photographers did not know the meanings of.

I’ve decided to keep a permanent Photography Glossary page easily accessible from any page on the website through the link in the Navigation Bar. It’s pretty basic right now but I’ll consistently add new terms and concepts to the Glossary.

Check it out and let me know (in the comments section) what terms or concepts have always stumped you. I’ll make sure to add them to the list.

If you think you know your photography terms and concepts and you disagree with or wish to improve any of my definitions send me a note and we will discuss it. My goal is to have an accurate and easy to refer to resource for photographers wishing to improve their knowledge on the topic.


  • Kim says:

    Thanks so much Thomas! It would be super helpful if you listed the camera settings, ISO, shutter speed and f stop as well as the camera/lens with the photos in the photography posts.

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