Create Pinnable Content

Pinterest offers a great resource for referral traffic. By making a conscious effort to create Pinnable Content you are setting yourself up nicely to get more traffic to your website. From what I’ve seen Pinterest users are highly engaged in the content when they land on your page, spending more time and viewing more pages than visitors from other sources Pintersts’ size. So what steps can you take to make sure you create Pinnable Content?

What is Pinnable Content?

This is pretty simple, Pinnable Content are images that people want to add to their Pinterest boards. The 5 most popular categories on Pinterest are Home, Art & Crafts, Style/Fashion, Food and Inspiration/Education. The top 5 most popular board names are For the Home, My Style, Products I Love, Books Worth Reading and Food. By creating images around topics that people are already pinning you will be creating Pinnable Content.

Couples Photoshoot Ideas

Setup Pinterest Analytics

If you are not tracking your analytics on Pinterest you should be. The insights gleaned from Pinterest Analytics are more than worth the 5-30 minutes it might take you to setup the tracking.

  1. Switch to business account- Pinterest requires you to switch your account to a business account in order access Pinterest Analytics.
  2. Implement code & Verify your website- You’ll have to add a small tracking link into your <head> of your website, this is very similar to adding Google Analytics tracking code. If you use a WordPress Plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast this is even easier.
  3. Analyze content to find Most Clicked and Most Repinned Content- After your account begins to track analytics you can start to analyze the data. In my opinion the analytics dashboard does a decent job of helping you identify your most Pinnable Content but I recommend you take it a step further and export your data to Excel or a Google Spreadsheet. Use this data to analyze what’s been the most Repinned and the most Clicked content of yours. Don’t be shocked if some of your most pinned content is really old, that only solidifies the popularity of that Pinnable Content.
  4. Create more Pinnable Content- Produce new iterations of your most pinned content. Make sure to check the analytics weekly to find if there were any shifts while new blogposts went live.

Format your photos to catch attention

The layout of Pinterest heavily favors images that are taller. More real estate for your image means a greater liklihood of being noticed. A couple of ideas that work are infographics, photobooth strips and tutorials all in one long image.

Pick an adjective and go at least 1 step further to achieve that in your imagery

Cool, Cute, Informative, Beautiful, Heavenly, Delicious, Charming,  Dreamy and Hot are a few of the adjectives that could be used to describe the most Pinnable Content on Pinterest. Your entire creative process which includes planning the photoshoot, styling, taking the pictures and editing the photos should reiterate the main adjectives that you want people to think when they stumble upon your photos.

Add text or small designs to your images

Adding a little text or small designs to your images can really help them catch people’s attention. They can help people figure out which of their boards they should place your images onto. The success of Inspirational Quotes on Pinterest further supports the strength of using text or small designs in your pictures.

Link directly to the post not your homepage

To help reduce bounce rate make sure that referred visitors are landing on the page that contains the content, not the homepage of your blog. Sending to the homepage doesn’t fulfill the visitors desire to read your article or view more of the pictures from the post. Chances are the user will love your site, pin more content and become a return visitor.


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